'T Uilennest

't Uilennest

A taste of Decoration

originated from love for the rural atmosphere and cosiness. I was an outdoor child, raised in the countryside, passionate about horses and a big heart for animals and nature. Ever since I was a child I have loved the seasons, sleeping and waking up to nature. The tranquility of the forest, the wind that plays with the leaves. I also love the sea, the rough waves, the blowing sand. But I especially like coming home, coming home to a warm nest where the fire crackles, where the dog chews on its bone and the smell of steaming stew fills the room. I also want to share this atmosphere with you, I want to let you taste and inspire. Helping to develop your creativity in a relaxed atmosphere. Nothing is mandatory, everything is allowed, perfection does not exist in nature and I want to convey that in our workshops. Just be yourself, transfer your individuality to a recycled decorative piece or your own creation and then admire it as a showpiece in your own nest.

'T Uilennest stands for a personal story, a new life, a nest where you can grow and develop. Where foals see their first light of life, where accessories or a piece of furniture belonging to your deceased grandparent can be reborn by treating it with a dose of love and creativity. Where you can get started or where I give your furniture or decoration piece a second life for you. 'T Uilennest is a nest full of warmth and cosiness where a new creative egg is hatched every month.

Much love and warmth, Sieglinde Provost