Brenda Baart (Art Gallery Pot)

Brenda Baart

Art Gallery Pot - Decoration

Brenda believes in the harmonious convergence of color, design and art. An interior "from art" is a phrase she often uses at Art Gallery Pot. This is about the fusion of interior and art. Sometimes she starts from a work of art and thus adapts the interior, but sometimes she also works the other way around, then she looks for a work of art that fits perfectly from an existing interior.

In the showroom of Decoration in the Gravenstraat, Brenda is working on a completely different interior project. Here she starts every interior design from the principle of the 27 colors. Brenda always uses the Decoration Paint pallet, which was partly made by her in consultation with various artists. It was very important that the 27 colors match each other perfectly, so that every color combination would be successful.