Carin van Amerongen - TudorStyle

Carin van Amerongen

Interior/Sale Stylist + Photographer

Carin is the example of a woman who is a real specialist in her work. With her company TudorStyle she does interior styling and photography. Especially for houses that afterwards end up in the sales market. Because putting your house for sale is one thing, but the right presentation is really an art. When people encounter Carin the first question often goes like this: "where does the name Tudor come from?". Well, her full name is Catharina Maria Tudor. Tudor refers to an architectural style in the English architecture at the time of the reign of the Tudor Royal family. Carin made her start in a real estate office, whilst there her passion for interior design grew. She decided to chase her dream, with a backpack full of knowledge she is the ideal woman to make your house ready for the sales market. We share this passion for interior design with Carin, therefore she is one of our ambassadors.