The Staging Company EU

Sale Stylist

Homes are sold like hot sandwiches. Most are sold within the foreseeable future, but that certainly does not apply to all. How does that happen? "People today want a home that they can live in."

The Staging company EU is there with the solution. After all, viewers become enthusiastic in a house where everything is right and the bidder is happy to pay a higher price for it.

The face of The Staging Company EU is Diana Mennen, an enthusiastic woman with an enormous amount of creativity. Being flexible within this branch of styling is enormously important, but also listening to your client is crucial:

“I know what it does for your house and for your environment. My experience shows that every interior has its own character. Details are decisive. I immediately feel whether an interior is right or not, and I immediately see what should possibly be done to balance the interior. ” We share this pursuit of living pleasure with Diana and The Staging Company, that’s why they are one of our ambassadors.