Yara Francken

Yara Fracken

illustrator and interior designer

"I illustrate and design interiors and individual interior objects. For as long as I can remember I have been tirelessly interested in interiors and in style choices (from now and the past). Aspects such as memory, nostalgia and recognition play a major role here. In addition to my autonomous work, I am often asked to record the interior (sometimes also the facade) of a house. Customers would like to have a personal memory of a particular place. The reverse is also possible. A "fictional" interior that I have drawn can serve as a design for a new space to be decorated.

Commissions that I often do are illustrations for cards, merchandise, crockery, floor plans and (framed) interior drawings as artwork for the wall. Until now I have worked a lot for the hospitality industry, retail and media. But private individuals also come with design assignments: moving, wedding, birth cards or a personal postcard. It can also be a completely different product. Curtain fabric, wallpaper, a bathroom tile, anything is possible. My drawings appear in miniature on cups and mugs, but I just love doing meter-high windows and murals. That versatility is fun and keeps me on my toes".

Photography: Myrthe Slootjes

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