From lacquer to effects paint roller

Painting isn’t only for the brushes, rollers are seen more and more often.

The ease of a roller can no longer be underestimated, especially with a larger surface like a wall. The range of rolls is expanding rapidly. Where we were previously satisfied with one kind of role, we are now looking at the type of texture, size and more.

Wall roller with handle

Decoration paint is without flow, ideal to put a lightweight structure on the walls. When you want such an effect, a coarse role, such as the structural role, comes in handy.

Smooth effects, often popular with doors and window frames, can be achieved with the lacquer roll. The lacquer roll itself comes in different forms: for example with a rounded side, this causes no "lines" to occur in the paint job during the rolling.

To give a larger surfaces a smooth effect, wall paint rolls are ideal. Apply the paint generously (do not be too economical), but make sure that the paint is smeared everywhere on the large surface.

Various kinds of paint rollers

What’s the best way to “roll” a room?

First apply the paint near the frame edge, ceiling and plinth. This in a strip of about 10cm, the best roll for this job is a small fur roll. Optionally use a small brush to support with difficult corners.

The largest surface of the wall can best be painted with a fur roller. Paint about one square meter at a time, apply the paint criss-cross to the wall. Make sure every centimeter is covered.

After this we will roll out the paint carefully, put the roll on a stick. We are going to start rolling from top to bottom. Make sure you do not put too much force on the roll, roll in one movement without removing the roll from the wall.

Special paint rollers for perfect work

Now that we have painted one line, we can start our second line, when this one is rolled we can look at the transition. Make sure you do not see the starting point of the roll or the transition between the two lines.

Some places may not be covered completely, here you will see some spots. This is not bad, roll over the wall again; Depending on the colour and the surface, the coverage is variable.