stockinette cloth for decorative paint effects

The stockinette or effect cloth

is made of knitted cotton, the structure of the fabric creates a beautiful effect in combination with Decoration paint. The effect cloth is suitable for both furniture and walls.

With this specially developed cloth, you can dab the surface on which Decoration paint is applied, creating beautiful cloudy effects and marble-like structures. In addition, the stockinette is also suitable for patina. In combination with textile hardener, you can make different decorative objects of the wipe.

There are, however, some rules that must be followed to get a good result:

Put the cloth in the water for 10 minutes, make sure that you clean the cloth and wring it out before using it. The more water there is in the wipe, the more you wipe the paint of from the surface, instead of dabbing it in.

The dab can be done with quite a lot of force, a test panel is ideal to see how you can achieve the desired effect. During the dabbing the cloth can get saturated, make sure you have water at hand to counteract this.


Pay attention to folding the effect cloth. Make sure the edges of the wipe are folded inwards, because the wipe is knitted and cut afterwards to size from large lengths, the cut edges sometimes loosen. Dab the surface with the smooth side of the folded cloth.