One toilet, twelve styles.

Interior stylist Brenda Baart takes us through her process in this blog. She takes on a fun challenge to show what different decorations can do to an interior. She is going to transform one toilet with the same base each time into twelve different styles. Are you reading along?



Brenda: “My personal preference is for a nice, calm interior, with accessories I try to bring cheerfulness into the interior. As an example, today I am going to decorate one toilet in twelve different ways. The basis is always the same, the walls and floor of this small space are finished with a COREtec tile: Travertine. The toilet is white and the sink is with black natural stone. The ceiling is painted with Decoration Paint in the color Snow White, the frame is painted with special Decoration Paint lacquer in the color Cyprus White. Let's go through the different styles one by one”.

toiletmat wcmat decoration for interior


The first style is 'Wild life', the painting of a panther with two flower pots with imitation panther skin. The brown wicker balls fit perfectly with the anti-slip mat. In the smallest jar I put green fiber as a cheerful touch, also very fitting with the frame of the painting.


Then we have 'Blue Wood'. The drawing of the anti-slip mat gave me the idea to use the blue in the decorations above the toilet. When you group decoration materials you want to create height, the two Indians, one green and one black and the flower arrangement did not bring height to the whole. That's why I made a background in wood with the colors Casper Blue and Cornwall Black.


Then there is 'jungle', the vase and metal trays match the color perfectly with the anti-slip mat. The two beautiful Monstera leaves look lifelike. In one of the trays I made towels from green terry cloth and rolled them up. A playful touch: the two snakes that crawl out of the metal tray, again finished with dark green fibre. You can feel the jungle.

toiletmat wc mat handgemaakt


Welcome to 'tropical rainforest', I hung an artificial autumn horn plant on the pipes of the heating. I cut off a few leaves and put them under the elephant. I created the height in this setup by placing two candlesticks next to each other, in which you can burn a tea light. The colors soft green and soft pink come into their own perfectly in the anti-slip mat.


A beautiful beach atmosphere is 'Sea life'. Shells, a seagull and the blue check, all accessories that bring the cozy beach feeling to you. The cream white anti-slip mat colors nicely with the shells of the wreath I made. As decoration I have placed some shells in front of the painting. The flower pot colors beautifully with the blue diamond of the cotton cloth.


A completely different atmosphere is 'rhythm'. The block on the anti-slip mat gave me the idea to put 4 pots in a row in order to emphasise the rhythm of the mat. The zinc buckets fit nicely with the silver in the mat. In these buckets I alternately put toilet paper and a bag of potpourri. The potpourri are dried flower petals with a nice scented oil on them. I put books in the big bucket to finish it off.

wc mat handgeknipt

"Asian" atmosphere. The base is a soft taupe colored mat and I continued the warm shade in the red terry cloth guest towels with a chunk of Chinese soap on it. I also made a towel from the same terry cloth on the sink and a loop to hang it. Here too I have incorporated the presentation in rhythm, I have kept the display form of the triangle. With 2 ladies of wood and 2 black tiles in the highest point


Welcome to 'Venice'. For the back wall I used a decorative mirror plate. A plaster hand painted in the color Black Lily, this color fits nicely with the anti-slip mat. The Venetian influence comes from the Venetian mask holding the hand. This mask full of glitter in combination with the reflective back wall creates a striking image.


Let's go 'Flower Power'. The Vase with silk flowers of yellow and orange tulips with soft white/yellow gerbera’s is adapted to the green and orange butterfly. In between I made a pyramid of yellow guest towels from terry cloth. This decorations scream flowers and cheerfulness, which can also be found in the cheerful anti-slip mat

unieke toiletmat wc mat


The next furnishing is something completely different, 'Lady in blue'. For the back wall I stuck a wallpaper from our collection on a (wooden) plate. Underneath I put a lace doily, this lace also comes back nicely in the wallpaper. The beautiful purple color in the wallpaper is also the same color as the anti-slip mat, which is ideal. I extended the round shape to the three round dishes with the balls in different shades of blue.


Welcome 'in the rocks'. The anti-slip mat was the direct one-to-one inspiration for the decoration materials here. I provided the glass vase with a black plastic net. In this I let the stones come back from the mat. The red and yellow flowers give a cheerful influence to this “rocky” interior. On the left I have placed a wooden house (made from twigs and painted in Mystery Grey) containing a stone from floral foam that (if placed in the water) can also be used to put flowers in.


The last one is “less is more”. With this busy anti-slip mat I have chosen a quiet decorative branch. The branch rests on a wooden box painted in Mystery Grey and Pompeii Volcano. This branch has a garland with glass leaves - matching the mat.


And with that we have arrived at a total of twelve different styles. You can immediately see it from the photos, with just a few decorative elements you can create a completely new interior. But the base from which you start (in this case the COREtec Travertine) must always match the decorations.


Lots of creative fun!

Brenda Baart