Once upon a time

Christmas is here again! Everyone starts putting the Christmas decorations back in place. The Christmas tree, the garlands, the Christmas pieces, .... But what do you do if you live in an apartment or in a small house where there is little room for these decorations? A few weeks ago, at the request of Mrs de Cock, I went to dress up her appartement with Christmas decorations. Afterwards we had a small conversation about the interior, and the solutions to make the most of a small space!

Brenda and Mrs de Cock are sitting together at the table drinking coffee. B: It is quite nice to decorate this interior for the Christmas days ...

d.C: You designed this interior seven years ago, just before we came here. Of course you know me very well ...

B: I did not have to make a moodboard or anything. When we discussed it beforehand, you were very clear about what you wanted.

d.C: Yes, I said that I wanted to have grey walls and red finishing touches. I’m still very happy with the red colour, but if you want to replace it in a different colour than it’s nog that difficult. I don’t get tired of the colour grey.

B: It’s really a foundation that you build on. There are of course many different styles in this interior. The colours are very modern, as an alternative there are two classic cabinets. Of course we focused a lot on space, because this is such a small apartment.

d.C: We took the cabinets mainly because my husband liked them. Then we really had a look at the room, while we were sorting out our furniture from the previous house. That dining room cabinet was your idea, you came across that yourself.

B: I saw it and I had to think about this place right away. Now you have a trinity of brown cabinets. It creates a connection between the antique cabinets you wanted to take with you and the other modern elements. Plus, the painting hangs beautifully above it.

d.C: I was not fed up with my previous dinging room cabinet, but it didn’t fit here.

B: This arrangement was initially very technical. First we started measuring here, after that I drew a plan. And drew all the furniture in their ideal place.

d.C: That was really necessary.

B: Yes, then we also came to the conclusion that there was not enough room for a salon table. The table on wheels was the perfect solution for that.

d.C: I find it really difficult without it. It is also slightly higher than other tables, which makes it very easy for me at least.

B: Originally it is also planned to put under the TV. When there is a visit or you need a table yourself, you roll it forward. It is all very multifunctional.

d.C: I always have to keep that in mind, especially when Christmas is coming. I leave everything where it is and then i add some decorations. I also went to look at a smaller Christmas tree. I’m really happy you decorated my house this year for Christmas!

d.C: It's much cleaner now, everything is also perfectly placed. That beautiful textile is everywhere: around the pillow, on the pots, as bags, ... Super fun. It also fits perfectly with the style I like, my Christmas tree is still the same as before: I place cotton wool over the Christmas tree and then I put little Santa Claus, bears, and other figurines scattered over the snow.

B: I’ve also made sure those returned in a few places, those small Christmas figures.

d.C: I had the idea of that snow and Santa Claus from you! A few years ago you had set up something like this but with fairies. I thought, "I have to do that too".

* both laugh
d.C: But I didn’t find fairies ...
B: Oh yeah, they just sold out
d.C: With Santa Clauses it was even better! They are of course red, fits perfectly here!

B: Do you know what the trick is, when you decorate for Christmas in a small apartment like this? Starting as much as possible with empty spaces, removing all decorations and dressing again. And just as you store your Christmas things, you store the annual decorations until after Christmas. So that every place is beautiful, otherwise it will be too crowded. Simply exchange decorations, not just add decorations.

d.C: Yes, I notice the difference. It looks beautiful.