An apartment in natural colours

An oasis of peace ... in your old age.

It is early 2019 when an older couple walk into the store with their children. Their question is not an unusual question for Brenda: "We need help, Mom and Dad are going to live smaller and everything has to be designed?" Brenda has already experienced this with her own parents, the move of your parents to a smaller home often entails a lot of changes. This as stress-free as possible is a real dream for everyone.

The atmosphere during the first conversation was immediately right: the click was there. Soon colours were chosen, wallpaper was brought up, the presentation board was filled with curtains, etc. etc. A few weeks later it was time; the Decoration team went to work in the apartment. And wow .. what a difference. What an oasis of peace, an apartment that shows that small living can be really nice.

beton look


This really reflects the end result: an apartment in natural colours. The first thing that catches the eye is the Custom Made Concrete Look with the colours Old White and Mystery Grey. This ensures that the concrete looks more natural and cream instead of cool and grey.

Coretec vloer Forest


Later, your eye immediately falls on the floor you walk on, a beautiful COREtec floor. Here the 'forest' floor was chosen. beautiful to look at, handy to install and with a high scratch resistance. Ideal for an apartment where people really live in.

In the bedroom and guest room you get a different feeling, here a nice cream / beige wallpaper has been chosen. Throughout the entire apartment, the doors and frames have been given a new layer of paint.


Gordijn in Umber Brown

The apartment is equipped with all the conveniences you may need in the Netherlands. That is why the choice was not made for one type of curtain, but for two: pull-up curtains and curtains with a wave pleat. The pull-up curtains mainly serve to keep the heat out in the summer and to close everything off when you go to sleep. The wave pleat curtains in the colour Umber Brown serves for atmosphere and to give a sense of privacy.


Details project:

Customer: Family Vorst

color palette: Old White, Mystery Grey, Cyprus White, Snow White, Umber Brown

Special application: customized concrete look and COREtec floor

Execution: painting (ceiling and walls), furnishing, curtains, floors, frames, …