Cornwall Black and Show White bedroom

A modern bedroom. 

A compact bedroom for a single man. Frank entered our store last year, his bedroom needed some work. After measuring the space Brenda Baart (our interior designer) went back to the drawing board. She created a digital sketch for Frank to see what we could do with his bedroom, keeping his budget in mind. Frank loved the sketches, but was really impressed with our 3D mood board. Ideal for showing the materials in a fun and exciting way. 

begin foto

Before photo's of the bedroom. Made in November 2018.

In Januari our production team went to his house and started on the project. 
The main colours were Cornwall Black, Snow White and Montmartre Grey. Ideal for a bedroom because this leaves space to change the accent colour throughout the year.

ontwerp foto

Digital drawing of the Bedroom & 3D mood board (this way you can view and feel all of the materials). The floor was in good shape. We used wallpaper on all the walls, the main colours are black and white. We worked The ceiling was painted Snow White and the curtains are custom made.

na foto

After photo of this project. Finished Januari 2019.

Details project:
Client: Frank
color palette: Cornwall Black and Snow White
Special application: Effect Black wallpaper
Execution: Painting and pasting wallpaper (Team Decoration)