Daring interior!

Emmy and Gerry have a daring interior. Where color and atmosphere create a homely environment. Emmy is the painter in house, a few years ago she followed a workshop painting techniques with Brenda Baart. Then she set to work herself. Several cabinets, chairs, decorations and more have been given a coat of Decoration paint. Not only at her home, but also for one of  her daughter’s, she took the paint brush in her hand and made beautiful creations. In this blog a nice interview with this talented painter and her passion for Decoration Paint.

How did you get in touch with Brenda?
Emmy: “Through the shop, cycling past and seeing the cupboard. And then I started asking "how did you do that?" I then received an explanation from Brenda about the cupboard, she also told about the workshops she gave. Then I actually looked into that, I also started doing the workshop. I really liked it, I thought "yes, I actually want that too". Making something you like from an old cupboard ”. So yes, I saw that cupboard while cycling past and thought "now I really have to listen."

That's nice, that your paint interest started just by cycling past.
Emmy: “Yes, I had often painted a lot myself. But not yet… on… ”
Gerry: “You have been painting for years and you also enjoy doing it”.
Emmy: Yes, that's true. It is also a kind of hobby. But not yet with the painting techniques, etc. At that time it actually passed by on Facebook, the painting techniques. That really interested me. I also really enjoy working with Decoration paint specifically. I think it's ideal, you don’t have to sand and you can use it on about everything: stone, glass, etc. ”.

What did you think of the workshop?
Emmy: “Oh, ideal. Really! I thought it was very pleasant and really fun. The hours doing the workshop flew by”. 
Gerry: "and educational ..."
Emmy * laughs: “Yes, it was really educational. You learn a lot from it ”.
Gerry: “You don't go for fun alone, do you?”.
Emmy: “No, but it is also part of it! It should also be fun”.
Gerry: “One cannot exist without the other”.
Emmy: "I thought it was really educational, and then I started on the cupboard".



So, that's the first big project you did after the workshop?
Emmy: “Uhm .. no, that was first the kitchen cupboard and then the cupboard in the living room. It was also on Brenda's advice. To partly go over it with the Olive Green, I think it really fits. He was Mystery Gray first and it was missing something. I think it is really successful. You can do anything with the paint. On the mantelpiece with those candles, that no longer matched in terms of color. So I used Cornwall Black and Gold, so that it matches the chimney ”.
Gerry: “You can paint your accessories along and you actually match them to the rest of the house”. 

Yes, that's the nice thing about it.
Emmy: Yes! You can use such a small jar of paint. Which doesn’t cost much. You get something in return of which you say "it comes exactly from the store, it seems completely new".
Gerry: “But the paint also… it doesn't consume much”.
Emmy: “No, it does not consume anything. We only used 1 liter of paint for two cupboards at Bianca (daughter). ”I think the paint is very economical. If you calculate it: for 25 euros, you have new cabinets. You only have to invest time”.

And because of this everything fits together very nicely, that’s my first thought when looking at your house
Emmy: “Yes, but that's also because of Brenda. Of course she helped with the colours. With that cupboard too, she said, "try Mystery Grey first" because the rest of our house has some of these colours too. Only Mystery Grey was a bit disappointing, but then Brenda said, "Wouldn't you go over it with that Pompeii?" And that was really a dare, at first I thought: “that won’t work". But yes, it looks great”.



Weren’t you nervous to paint it? 
Emmy: “Yes, it didn't make me sleep. I was not reassured about it for a while. But now: I don't think it's wrong. I really have something that someone else doesn’t have. And that grey colour alone, I was actually really tired of it. And now I just have something that someone else does not have”.

You’ve painted a lot in the house. How long have you been busy?
Emmy: “Hmm… how many years…? For a few years… three years maybe. I have really painted a lot in the past three years. I'll never be ready if I want to. It becomes an addiction, if you want you will always see something you want to paint. Mostly because the Decoration Paint is so easy to work with. I am really satisfied with it and with the colours too ”.

What did you think of the 27 colours?
Emmy: “I really like it. I also really like the green one (Georgian Green), but it doesn't really fit in my house ”.
Gerry: "It's just a dare ... it's a lot of daring".
Emmy: Yes, that's true. I really enjoy it too. It is my passion and my life ”.
Gerry: “When she starts…  Then she won't stop ”.
Emmy: “that’s true. Then I'll just keep going ”.

You are also really good at different painting techniques.
Emmy: “Yes, but you do have to attend a workshop. If you don't, well, you don't really know. Because .. I did not know it myself with the paint. If you don't know, you can't do it. But if you have followed such a workshop then it is just a dare. Then you just have to do it ”.



Should anyone still have doubts about the paint or painting itself. What would you say to them?
Emmy: “I would say they shouldn't hesitate and just paint. Because it really is just the best thing there is. You create something beautiful yourself… you do it yourself. The Decoration Paint easily paints away. You turn something old into something new. Why not try that? ”.
Gerry: “And you say it yourself: the paint is very easy to use. Even I can do it ”.
Emmy: “And you can actually use it for anything and it goes quickly. Most of them dread sanding for hours, because that is not the best ”.
Gerry: “You can actually start immediately. You just have to wash it off, make sure the surface is grease-free. But otherwise .. it is really ideal ”.
Emmy: “No, it is really ideal paint. Because that sanding is not the best thing. I mean ... imagine you have to sand down all those cabinets. By the time you are done you will be tired of it ”.
Gerry: “Do you know what the advantage is? You want to paint… so you want to start. Then you don't want to spend a day sanding. Because that drives you crazy. That is not the intention".
Emmy: “No, because then you are just tired of it”.

Yes, you often want to quickly see what a colour does to your furniture or interior. If you then have to sand for another day...
Emmy: “Yes, with this paint you also have quick results. You are therefore less tired of it. If you spend weeks working on one cupboard… then it is no longer fun, is it? Because you just stay in the mess. With the kitchen cupboard, for example, it went very quickly. You can also sometimes put more than one layer per day. By the time you are finished, the beginning is already dry. That's the nice thing about it, you can start and you can just keep going. It is much faster. I just love the colours ”.

The colours are really nicely chosen. How did you actually arrive at this colour palette?
Emmy: “Brenda came in. I wanted to paint the dresser, Brenda said, "try mystery grey." And then with the Olive color over it. And then yes, then you start with a sample. You want to see how it fits. So then we put it on a test surface. Yes..”.



How did you actually get to the Cornwall Black?
Emmy: "Brenda also said:" You can combine with black so that parts of it stand out ". And then I actually thought "yes, that black is not ugly". At one point I got to that cupboard with glass, … I thought the color no longer matched with the rest".
Gerry: “Yes, and we also have black in other object in the house, such as the legs of the table. You could paint them if you’d want to… but then again our television screen is also black. So yes, by adding more black accents the place becomes balanced ”.
Emmy: “That cupboard is also very old. But because of that black you actually put a modern look on it. I wanted to paint is grey first, but I’m glad I changed my mind”. 

You do have a feeling for it!
Emmy: “Gosh, I don't know a feeling for it. But then I go to sleep and then in my imagination I see that cupboard in one colour and then another colour. and .. yes ... all at once I just thought "yes, why not black". I think it's really successful ”.
Gerry: “It's not ugly black either. It's a really beautiful colour. Most black has something like brown in it, but this one doesn't have that at all ”.
Emmy: “Yes, because when you put the first layer over the wood it has something brown and you think 'oh what have I done now'. But with the second layer that is completely gone.



Are you still nervous to start painting?
Emmy: Nervous? In the beginning, but not anymore. Now I just know that it will be okay. But in the beginning you are a bit hesitant. Then you think “I hope it works out". I just know with the paint that it will be fine. With the first layer you already know that it won’t look good, with the second layer you can just see it being restored and the third layer… you apply to get the deep color of the paint. Then you know it's all right. And then after that …you can use wax or varnish. The cupboard is in the wax and the cabinet is in varnish. You need a bit more work on the wax, but I think the effect is very nice. I don't think I would have liked the cupboard varnished so much. But that's also because of Brenda, because I asked "what am I going to do with it, varnish it?" And she said "I wouldn't do that, I would wax it".

Now you have a lot of experience with the paint, right?
Emmy: “Experience .. gosh I don't know. It's not that I paint with it for 20 years… I just think it's a rewarding job, because the result is beautiful ”.

That was it. Thank you for the interview and for allowing us to take pictures in your home.
Emmy: You're welcome.