Doll room

A warm authentic doll room...

Myriam drove her car on her way to work past Brenda's inspiration shop. After hesitating for a moment, she came in to ask for advice for a special room in her house. Myriam has a fascination for authentic dolls and wanted to give them a special place. Brenda made a design and Myriam got to work. The entire room was adapted in stages, from the walls to the cupboards, everything was transformed step by step. After a year of work, we were allowed to photograph the finished room. 



Myriam says: “It was actually a girl's dream from the past. I used to want to get dolls, but I didn't get any. That is actually something I really wanted myself. And now I have the opportunity. So a girls dream of the past. When my son was out of the house, I had room to do that. It started with 1 doll in the other room and it has grown like this ”.



“We drove past Brenda's store in Clinge. Then I thought: “I'm going to have a look there”. I started asking for advice and that's how it actually happened. We clicked well. Brenda then made a design for the room. I thought it was very beautiful and immediately showed it to a lot of people. I was proud that I was going to do that. Painting alone for the first time. I found the cabinets a bit tricky and scary to paint. But I am very proud of the result. We started with the walls, we really followed the design. I did the wallpaper in the room together with my husband. After the walls we did the bed and the last was the closet. A difficult case. We dit all the work step by step."



“The color combination is unique, the furniture is Old White and the rest is Snow White. Before this, the room was really, really dark, so the white colors make it really open now. That's why we had a lot of work on it, painting it for the first time and then making a dark wall white. It wasn't very simple, but I think I'm going to be a painter from now on." 



“I feel it is almost finished. I still want to add little accents and finishes. Just like the fabric I attached to the shelves. They are little tinkering things, but they make it complete ”. “People around me like it very much. Some think a doll's room is scary, but it's really my thing. I am really proud of it, I like to show it to people. It's a shame it is tucked upstairs. We are already starting on the next project, the other room. Brenda will start on the design very soon." 



Project details:

Client: Myriam

Color palette: Snow White and Old White

Special application: Wallpaper, authentic painting techniques, curtains

Execution: Myriam and her husband