Gold Effect Bar

 A bar in the living room .... who doesn't want that?! 

voor en na

On a Saturday morning a couple in love entered the store. When they bought their new house they had gone completely crazy about the bar in the living room. The only problem? The old bar still had all the traces of the style of the previous owners... brown colours, leather lampshades, ... The list goes on… 

After a smooth conversation with them, Brenda drew an initial design for their bar: Old White as the basic color. This provides a nice balance with the wooden cupboards. The colour Cornwall Black as an accent colour, which contrasts nicely with the brown. The couple started working on this!

eerste laag wit 

After the first conversation and the painting, the couple returned. The idea of ​​applying the "Gold Effect" appealed to them. But they were a little reluctant to do this themselves, Brenda visited the following week to add the finishing touch. And wow ... how beautiful is this?

tweede laag goud

From an old, dated bar to a bar suitable for a young couple. With all new innovations:

- the leather sheets were removed from the lampshades, the iron was painted Cornwall Black. 

- a strip with LED lighting was placed above and below the bar

- the lamps were replaced by dimmable vintage lamps

- the beer tap was installed

- specially cut glass shelves were hung (with supports painted in Cornwall Black)

- A handmade tray was painted during the workshop (Old White, Cornwall Black and Transfer technique)

- nice side tables were made with the same colours and technique. 

afwerking goud

Details project:

Client: Young anonymous couple

colour palette: Cornwall Black, Old White and Gold

special application: lampshade, lighting, Gold Effect technique

production: base layer old White and Cornwall Black (couple), technique version (Brenda Baart)