Mystery Grey and Pompeii Volcano Kitchen

Get rid of that salmon pink ...

How do you deal with redesigning a typical kitchen from the 80s and 90s? Simple: you throw everything overboard and start with the basics.

The young couple returned a few weeks after the bar. They were so enthusiastic! They wanted to redo their kitchen. 

voor foto

After a first visit, I mapped the space. The kitchen has two large windows that ensure sufficient light. There is extra lighting under the cupboards near the worktop. This gave me the confidence to do the following. I suggested to the couple: "let's make the kitchen tough and rural".

tijdens werkzaamheden

How did we do this? Well, a typical "thinking pattern” had to be broken. We painted the ceiling in a dark colour, the walls in a light colour. Think about it? how many interiors do you know where this is done ...


An old cart from a painter's studio was painted in Mystery Grey, the extra varnish made it suitable as a work cart. We have laid a black PVC floor with a beautiful marble motif. The curtains on one window are black with a wave pleat, a hugely popular pleat.


Images tell more than words, especially with projects of this size. Feel free to watch the video I made at the couple's home in the evening.

project details:

client: young anonymous couple

colour palette: Mystery Grey and Pompeii Volcano

special application: Work cart finished with Varnish, Curtains and Floor of Decoration.

Execution: Paintwork walls and placement of floor (young couple), paint work ceiling (team Decoration), Curtains (Brenda Baart).