Pastel Work Room

An optimal workplace ... custom-made. 

In 2017 a friend of Brenda came to the store. Her dream: an ideal workplace. As a creative busy bee, she definitely needed this! All day long she was busy with fabrics, patterns, drawings, ... and much more. After a relaxed conversation, Brenda went to work! 

Lijstjes Mystery Grey

All artworks were hung on the wall in a collage. To create more unity, these frames were all painted in Mystery Grey. The pastel colours make this small room very cheerful and fascinating.


casper blue kast 

Everything has a place, the open cupboard is perfect for materials that are often needed. Such as colourful markers and more. The easy and modern storage cupboard is ideal for storing larger or more bulky items.

kris kras techniek

The extra special touch is the Criss-Cross wall, this paint technique is a wonderful Do-It-Yourself technique. With a window wiper in your hand, you can turn a boring wall into a masterpiece. By using light colours, this does not make the room small, but seems to breathe more space. A large work table and translucent curtains that let a lot of light through complete everything.


Details project:
Client: a friend
color palette: Mystery grey, Casper Blue and Shabby Pink
Special application: Criss-Cross technique
Execution: painting, decorating, curtains (Decoration team)