Venetian Green bedroom

Dreaming away in a forest! That's the bedroom of Laila and her husband ...

Laila arrived in the store and met Brenda Baart on a Saturday in mid-2018. ('s gravenstraat 283b Clinge) It was clear: the renovation of the bedroom must be finished. Her wish? The feeling of waking up in a forest.


Step by step, Laila and Brenda selected all parts of the room: which floor is there? Which colors appeal to you? What kind of forest should it be? Then Brenda started her design. Below a short interview between Brenda and Laila after the realization of this project:


Brenda Baart: How did it all start? What were your first ideas or inspiration for this bedroom?

Laila: "Well, I've been struggling very hard with what I actually wanted. My interests are so big, but it is actually that book it’s fault.” We look at the book that is on the bedside table. "I asked my husband what do you want? Do you want it to be warm and cozy? Or do you want it to be fresh and soothing?' My husband then chose fresh and soothing. That was actually a good choice because my room is not that big. If I had opted for warm and cozy, and perhaps used dark colors. Then my room would have felt much smaller."

"Now it's really worthwhile to be here. If you wake up here ... I'm a very imaginative person. I like to read stories and mythologies. Everything I read begins in a forest. Even when you watch a Disney movie.” *Laughs

"Most love stories occur in a forest, I just wanted that. I thought I would paint a forest myself. I can do a lot, but I was afraid that I would not be content, that it would not be realistic or good enough. That's why I came up with the idea of ​​photo wallpaper. "

Decoration Paint Venetian Green

How did you end up with me?

Laila: "I started looking everywhere, asking everyone. Not many people do that. Eventually I ended up with you. I had already met you at a customer of mine. At that time you were busy painting and something in me thought: 'Gosh, this is a connection. A network, I have to remember this. Maybe I need a painter. "

I have been to many painters but almost none of them do photo wallpaper. Your answer was immediate: ‘yes, I’ll do it!’ I immediately thought to myself: 'done, this is it!'.

What kind of feeling do you have in this room now?

Laila: "Well, in the morning when you wake up you can hear the birds chirping here. If you look through the window you can see the trees in the distance. With the image of the photo wallpaper and the sound from outside. Well, everything together is just complete and soothing. Here I like to wake up in ... and also like to go to bed!” *Laughs

You painted the wall yourself, very spontaneously with a nice effect. How did you do this?

"Well, I was just painting, and then I noticed the effect. I first started with a roller, actually I was not completely content. I am not a professional painter, but I took a small brush to do the corners. And then I came to an effect. I immediately thought: 'I like this'. I just kept doing that, that's how the wall got its texture. It also fits completely in my forest, it flows together in one whole."

Het nachtkastje

In my opinion, it would have been much too plane if you hadn’t done this effect.

"Yes indeed. Now everything has a little breathing space."

Also nice for the readers, how did you experience picking the color palette?

"Well, very intuitively. We started looking for a picture of the forest. You also showed me some pictures, which weren’t my taste at all."

indeed, I immediately gained insight into what you were looking for.

"yes, then we started looking specifically on your computer. And the longer that we were looking for, yes ... the more and more the pictures became my style. But with this picture, well ... exactly the image that I had in my head. We based all the colors on this photo. I do not like white myself, if I see something white, it should immediately be colored. But my ceiling is snow white, you do not see that, do you? Even with the light on you do not see that, you see the reflections of the other colors."

We look at the ceiling. Indeed, the reflections of Old White, Venetian Green and the beautiful photo wallpaper are visible on the ceiling. The white is not visible at all.

"I know it's white, but I can not see it. It’s a mixture of colors. I didn’t want to paint the ceiling, because then it would seem lower than it really is.”

What does your husband think of the bedroom?

"He also likes it, he would like to step in to the woods for a walk."

But you are not there yet? What else has to be done?

"Well, as you can see, a lamp needs to be hung up. I’ve already been looking for bedside lamps. I want everything in the theme, which is even more difficult than I thought. I am thinking of making them myself. Not yet, but I will eventually. I'll get there someday, where I want to get. It is live-able and much nicer than before. It was just a white empty office, I really didn’t like waking up in here. I am already a step ahead with this.

Thank you for the short conversation, we will meet again!

"You're welcome"

Details project:
Client: Laila
color palette: Venetian Green and Old white
Special application: Photo wallpaper forest
Execution: painting (Laila), pasting wallpaper (Decoration team)