Concrete Look

The concrete look seems very fashionable nowadays. But this pearl of a decorative paint technique has been known to die-hard interior enthusiasts for some time. With its tough and industrial look, and it’s warm and classic feel. In the studio of Decoration we have been experimenting for some time, searching for the perfect concrete look. We are very proud to show our end result: An ideal start-up package that can be easily expanded to create your personal concrete look.

What's in the package?
             - Mystery Grey
             - Snow White
             - Varnish
             - Stockinette
             - Silken Wax
1 concrete look package is suitable for about 8m².

How do you do this yourself?
The first step in making the concrete look is a good preparation. Make sure you have everything ready: brushes, rolls, masking tape, protective foil and of course the concrete look package. Determine the surface you want to paint, make sure that all edges are taped and the floor is covered with protective foil. One concrete look package is suitable for 8m² of surface. The second step is applying the surface layer Mystery Grey. Look at how many layers are needed to have a covering effect, for most surfaces it’s about 2 layers. Allow the entire surface to dry. When it is completely dry, we’ll start with the Snow White and Varnish. We mix both, about 50/50. Is it mixed? Yes? Then we apply our mix to the wall with a brush. Our favourite way to apply the paint approximately evenly is to put different V-shapes under each other.

* tip: experiment with it. Where do you want the concrete look effect to come across. Other fun creative forms is for example the S-shape or the X-shape. Make sure you wipe the whole well with a lint-free cloth. Work in parts, when you do this the paint won’t have time to dry. Keep in mind: do not stress. The nice thing about this paint is that you can’t do anything wrong. Don’t like an area? Go back, apply the mix again and create a colour scheme you love. To apply the structure of the subsurface and drawings, we use a stockinette. In our video you see the correct way to fold up the stockinette. Dab with the stockinette in the desired places. To give the whole just that special touche, we give it time to dry. Then we take a lint-free cloth and with this we apply Silken Wax to the entire surface.

** tip: Does the wall look too dark? Then adjust the mix Snow white and Vernis, by adding
more Snow White.
*** Tip: Are you going for something extra? Mix the Silken Wax with a colour of your choice.
For example Verdure Blue or Carmine Red. Create your own unique concrete look.
Good luck!