Gold Wall

Gold Effect

Sometimes you encounter paint techniques that fascinate you from the first moment. Because of the colours, the way you apply it or the final result. The "Gold Effect" fascinates on all these points.

We often saw the Gold Effect on Pinterest, in magazines or on TV. But every time in a variety of different ways. After many studies and experiments, we have created the "Gold Effect" package. You can give your creativity free rein with the colours ... or how much Gold you would like to see... or how you apply the finishing touches.

How do you do this yourself?

To make the colour Gold look beautiful, we chose the background colour Old White. Make sure that this layer is applied opaque. Let these layers dry well, for the optimal effect. Never apply more than 2 layers of paint per day.

After drying, we add some depth to the wall. For this we use a mixture of 50% Cinque Terre and 50% varnish. The special varnish has a matt effect, so that no gloss is applied that distracts from the whole.

Use a brush to apply this layer, when the paint is still wet we rub it open with a lint-free cloth. To give the whole a beautiful structure, we use a stockinette to dab over the surface.

Remember: do you have a larger area to paint? then work in parts, but make sure that they overlap. As a result, there are no lines in the paintwork.

After the drying time we apply the most important mixture: 50% varnish mixed with 50% Gold.

Apply this just like the previous mixture. After the drying time we take a lint-free cloth, with this we apply the Silken Wax. This gives the whole a soft velvet look.

Let your inspiration work.

Do you want a bright, bold golden wall? Then add a little more Gold to the mixture.

Do you want to experiment with other colours? Then add a nice colour to the Silken Wax. To make the wall your own personal bold art piece.

Lots of fun!