A ROMANTIC interior

A romantic interior is easy to do with the right supplies. I'll show you how to easily refurbish a closet in a romantic style and make your decorations in a few steps appropriate to the style of your living space.


          • Cabinet: Decoration paint in the colours Carmine Red and Old White

          • Keyboard, table and a Lamp

          • Flower piece: Pot, wallpaper, floral foam and silk flowers

          • Box: Wallpaper, wallpaper paste and a shoe box

These materials are available at Decoration.

The Cabinet


Clean the cabinet, make sure it’s dust and grease free. Remove loose parts (you can reattach them later). Paint the cabinet in the colour Carmine Red and let it dry. Sanding isn’t necessary. When the first layer is dry, paint the cabinet in the colour Old White. When the Old White layer is dry, sand the layer so that the first layer Carmine Red appears.

The box


Turn an old (shoe)box in a beautiful storage box. Choose a wallpaper that fits your interior, in the example I chose a romantic paper that fits the cabinet. you can use the wallpaper on one or more walls, this way the motif of the paper comes back and forms a unity in your interior. In the example I used both the wallpaper and the colour Old White. You can use the paint on other items in the room to, for example: on the walls, other cabinets, small decorative items, etc.

Draw the form of the box on the inside of the wallpaper. Cut a strip of about 1 cm extra around the corners to fold it around the corner of the box. Use wallpaper paste to stick the paper to the box. Let the paste soak in for a while, this prevents bumps.

Tip: Paste a picture on the box of the items you’re storing inside the box, this way you don’t have to look in every box. You’ll immediately see what’s inside every box.

Decorate with wallpaper


The flowerpot is decorated with torn wallpaper, I used wallpaper paste and varnish. Then I attached a piece of floral foam inside the pot to make a flower piece of silk flowers. This too is the perfect place to reuse the wallpaper.

Lots of creative fun,

Brenda Baart