Back to the Classics

Many interior styles get the stamp "Classic" in our collective memory, I sometimes wonder what this word refers to. The modern 1950s? 'The New Romantics' style of the 80's? Or do we need to go further back in time, for example, the Classical Antiquity? 

For me it's all of this and more, 'Back to the Classics' is eclecticism. All these styles that we deem true “Classics” in our collective memory. With this idea was my startpoint, how can I mix these styles together? I got an image of an old classic golden wall. Later, a 50's cabinet came my way. My project finally got shape.



The golden wall

The golden wall led me to an interesting search, the search for a beautiful colour choice. I finally chose the colours Cyprus white, Cinque Terre and of course Gold. But do not be put off! Other bold choices like Casper Blue and Santorini Blue can provide interesting colour themes.

I started with the Cyprus White, a warm color that gives a light undertone to the wall. After this layer was dry, about 5 hours later I started mixing the Cinque Terre with the varnish. The Cinque Terre with its green/brown tones fits both with Gold and Cyprus White. The varnish makes the colour more transparent, with a big brush I made criss-cross strokes across the wall. While the paint was still wet, I pulled out the stockinette cloth and removed some paint. Choose a pattern in which you remove the paint, which will cause you to get depth in the paintwork on the wall. Then I mixed the varnish with Gold, with the stockinette I put the Gold mix on the wall. Again Choose an interesting pattern, determine how much gold you’ll put on the wall.

The wall was the perfect starting point for the classic interior, the 50's closet was the next step.



The vintage cabinet

Before and after Cabinet

"One should not look a given horse in the mouth", at least that’s the dutch saying. When I got this cabinet I certainly did not plan on doing that. I immediately saw several possibilities.  A pretty modern 1950's cabinet, what creative do-it-yourself enthousiast wouldn’t be happy?

When I saw the golden touches (the stud feet, the door buttons, ...), the decision was made directly. This cabinet is perfect for my 'Back to the Classics' interior, the next choice was also made quickly: I’ll use the colour Verdure Blue. The reason was simple: mixed with the golden finishes of the cabinet, Verdure Blue is very elegant. When you look at the cabinet it's like it’s standing on high gold heels. Super chic! 

Two layers of Verdure Blue were required to completely cover the cabinet. But a small bump came on my path, due to the thickness of the paint the drawers didn’t open easily. What to do? I mixed the Silken Wax with Verdure Blue, after applying this layer, my joy was big. Not only did the whole thing have a more classic effect, the drawers opened smoothly.   

A cabinet and a wall do not make an interior; the next step was to find personal accessories.


Finishing touches


Every house has its own feeling. When you walk in, you immediately feel the personality and style of the owner. When you are consciously adjusting your interior, this question usually comes up, at least, to me, "How do I make sure people recognise my style?". A first small step is the use of accessories, nothing tells as much as the small personal details that you add to your interior.

To show an example and at the same time a beautiful difference, I chose two totally different styles for my accessories: The 'modern' 50s and 'the new romantics' 80s style. The central parts (the wall and the cabinet) are the same in both interiors, but a big difference is immediately visible. Look for your own style, make a big difference in your interior by making small adjustments.


Tip for this interior

Detail Poster

Pimp your accessories! You hear it so often, nothing is as personal as something you make yourself. But sometimes it's a matter of refurbishing something or “pimping" it.

The painting from 'the new romantics' interior is a print of a painting framed in a classic golden list. I wanted to add a slightly more contemporary look, for this I first gave the list a layer of Gold. Then I covered this with a layer of Cornwall Black, when the layer was still damp, I used a piece of cloth to remove paint from the frame. As a result, gold came through. For the print I used White Wash, this is a blend of the colour Snow White and a little varnish. Certain shapes or objects that return in different ways give the interior an exciting twist. On the cabinet you will see a basket of roses. If you look carefully, you'll see them again in the print on the wall. 

Select your accessories consciously, choose them because they tell something about you. And for that extra personal touch, refurbishing them is the perfect solution. 

Lots of creative fun,

Brenda Baart