BLUE because I love this!

Blue because I love it!
In the past blue was used in the kitchen because it has a fresh appearance ... and keeps insects out of the house. In this interior, instead of the traditional white, I combined light grey with blue for a modern look
     Fluted cotton fabric
     Blue stripe wallpaper
     Decoration paint (St Helena Blue and Mystery Grey) and Casper Blue
     Blue vase on iron foot
     Glass vases
     White roses
     Blue paint for the floral water
     Table mat
     Basket painted with decorative paint and interior lined with fabric.
All materials are available from Decoration.

The space

Het interieur

The interior
The blue striped wallpaper is nice to combine with the curtains of the floral cotton fabric. This fabric is suitable for curtains, pillows, tablecloths and more.
Work the fabric on the sides with a tie strap for a clean, fresh look.
Decorate the interior with the vase with roses. Use the blue chalk paint / decorative paint in the colours Casper Blue, St Helena Blue and Santorini Blue to decorate the pots, so that the interior becomes one unit. For the grey tint I chose Mystery Grey.

The basket



The paint can be painted with a brush or a paint sprayer. This way you can easily paint the whole surface. You can use Mystery Grey for the under layer. If the paint is dry, use Casper Blue to paint stripes. If the paint is dry, you can work with the fabric to cover the inside of the basket. On paper, you create a perimeter of all sides of the basket. Cut this out. Lay the paper on the fabric and cut it out, be careful to leave + 1 cm around. Stitch the sides together so that you get a bag. Then work all sides with a zigzag stitch. Put the corners of the bag in the corners of the basket through the reeds. The bows on the front are for the ornaments. Cut out 6 cm x 50 cm strips from the fabric. Fold the fabric double in length and tie the sides together. Then, wrap them inside and iron them flat. You can stitch the strips through the lid in the middle of the fabric and make a bow of it. The basket is suitable for storing children's toys, books and many more.

The vases

Witte rozen in blauw water

White roses in blue water

The vases with roses are very special because of the blue water and the ice cubes of gelatin. Making something like this is very simple. Dissolve gelatine in water and boil it. Let it cool down. Cut the gelatin into cubes. Colour the water with paint, add the cubes to the water. Arrange the flowers in the vases. Put 2 vases together for a powerful and modern composition and place them on a blue table mat. This enhances the white colour of the roses.

Sit back and enjoy your interior.

Lots of creative fun,

Brenda Baart