Chalk of the Town

Nobody can deny it, the 'chalk look' in interiors is completely 'hot'. From large walls in modern colours where you can write motivational texts on with chalk, to small stuff in the living room that gets a pastel-chalk colour. Chalk is literally 'The talk of the town' in the home and interior circles.

When a friend asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to give her hobby room a makeover, we both agreed to work around this "chalk look". My friend is a creative busy bee, give her textile and she makes the most beautiful things. The first thing we talked about was “how can she fit all her materials in this small space?” Without losing a lot of walking space, and without looking too full. I already had a solution in mind. But before we got there, our first mission was ... the walls.



Why not CRISS / CROSS?

Sometimes people come to me with a small dilemma. They do not want to paint the wall plain, but they don’t want to use wallpaper either. A paint technique on such a large surface is sometimes a bit scary. What if it fails? What if after all that work you do not like it?

Just like with big pieces of furniture, here's the most important thing: just do it! Do not be afraid, as with many creative projects, you can’t make mistakes. Everything is a process of learning, this is just the same. 

My friend gave me a small description of what she wanted: something playful, not too busy, but not too stark. Paint is my passion, so experimenting with it is my favourite thing to do. After doing some tests, I made a whole new technique for her. With an appropriate name: CRISS / CROSS.

The first thing I did was paint the wall with the colour Carmine Red, after which I allowed it to dry. The advantage of this technique is this: with the next layer of Snow White, you don’t have to cover the wall evenly. I took a big brush and went to work, the trick is to put this layer on as fast as possible! After that, I went over the surface with the squeegee, I pulled the stripes criss cross over and through each other.

With a long wall you can do this in a few parts, to prevent the paint from drying before applying the effect.

I only used this technique for two walls in this room. This way the whole thing would not be too busy, tip: Do you doubt which wall? Choose a wall with a window, this way you need to cover less surface and the effect is immediately noticeably less crowded (because of the recess of the window).

With the new technique on the walls, we came to another nice idea to work out: the chairs.


school stoeltjes

Printing on wood?

My friend called a few days later, she had been to a flea market. With the look of her new room in her head, she suddenly fell in love with two old school chairs. In her excitement she bought them straight away. "Can you see it too, Brenda? Both against that wall. ". Yes, I can already just imagine. My friend is a real busy bee, which suits her, she has an eye for these things. Together we discussed how we could handle these two chairs in her interior, when I brought up the idea of ​​printing text she was immediately sold.


The first thing I had to do? Make a list of my materials.

What do I need:

Mystery Gray


Brush (s)

An inkjet printer (with a standard printer the text will run out)

A catchy, fun text (my friend chose the text "school")


The second? Get started right now! My friend can’t last forever without her hobby room.

I first gave the chairs a Mystery Grey layer. During the first drying time I could instantly see that they needed a second layer. While the second layer was drying, I could refine the text.

My friend had chosen "school", a nice frame around it immediately gave it a playful look. Playing with such things as  font, frame, image is always fun. Find what you like!

After the text and the framework were chosen, I had to mirror it all. So when it gets pasted on the surface it is readable.

After the layers of paint were dry I could apply a thin layer of varnish. When doing this, make sure that you do not use too much varnish.

I waited to apply the varnish to the area where I wanted to apply the print for last. With the print in one hand I applied the varnish and pasted the print to the chair. After wiping out the bumps and uneven spots, I allowed the print to dry for one day. 

The next day, I sprayed water on the print. White it was still moist I removed the paper very slowly. Tip: Do not rub too hard on the places where the inkt is, otherwise you can accidentally rub the image off. Throughout the removal of the paper, I kept the water bottle nearby. When the paper was removed and the text was completely dry. I applied the last coat of varnish.


Optimal Storage Space

Optimal storage space

Every space offers opportunities, but also challenges. How do I make sure everything fits? An easy answer would be: use a big closet. Everything fits in, you close the doors and done. But in a hobby room everything must be at hand. The idea of ​​an open cupboard with a cupboard with doors is ideal. All the big or heavy items you do not want to see, you can place in the closed cupboard. All the material you need stays in the open top cupboard.

Recreating the 'Chalk look' isn’t difficult. Small cute crates in colours that fit with the room are perfect for storing textiles, buttons, and other materials. Small pots that you would normally use for plants? Ideal for pens and pencils. Look at the materials in your home, and think of an original way to re-use them. By simply giving the colour, you can create a world of difference.


pimp it up

Tip for this interior

Go about in a creative way! Do not be afraid to paint something. We all recognise things that you do not want to throw away, but they don’t quite fit into the interior anymore. Usually they end up in the attic, in the garage, or somewhere in a closet. In short: somewhere you do not have to see them for a while. What a pity, because so many things can be beautiful in your interior by giving them a layer of paint.

Details project:
Client: a friend
color palette: Mystery grey, Casper Blue and Shabby Pink
Special application: Criss-Cross technique
Execution: painting, decorating, curtains (Decoration team)