GREEN of course!

Green is the colour of nature: the forest and the grass, which brings the smell of peace. If you create this in your house, you will make your home an oasis of calm. Decoration has a pallet of different shades of green in our assortment, which can be combined with each other. each one of them has a different personal appearance.


      • Retro wallpaper and wallpaper plaque

      • Cushions

      • Flower pot

      • Decoration paint / chalk paint Venetian Green

      • Decoration paint Olive Green

      • Decoration paint Terra Cotta Green

  • Chair
  • Basket

      • Template

      • Spatula

Frame on the wall


The combination of these three rolls of retro wallpaper give the effect of patchwork on the wall. You can use the flower in one of the three by cutting it out and using it somewhere else.


In the example above, the list and flowerpot are painted in Venetian Green. The flowers of the wallpaper are cut out and placed in the list and in the flowerpot.

Sitting in love

The pillows on the above pictures are available from Decoration. The fabric is beautiful on both sides: one side is shiny, the other mat. This fabric is both suitable for curtains and for pillows.

The chair and the basket are painted with Terra Cotta Pink decorative paint and then finished with a dry paint brush technique in Venetian Green.


The green tones:              

               • Venetian Green

               • Peyote Green

               • Georgian Green

               • Absint Green

               • Olive Green

Decorative box


Relief powder is mixed with Olive Green. Apply the paint - powder mix using a spatula, you can use templates to give it a personal touch. For example, the green ivy leaves are painted on top of the wooden box using an ivy leave template.

Lots of creative fun,

Brenda Baart