"Knock on wood"

In recent years, we have seen many "fashion" trends in the interior. But one variant stands out in its diversity: the statement wall. What is that? well, a statement wall is a striking wall in the interior. This attracts all your attention when you enter a room. Over the years we’ve seen this in different forms: from brick motif to concrete look and from gold effect to wood grain motif. And we were able to realise the latter at Pot Interieur in Axel. A store for every lover of design and quality furniture, with no less than 15,000 m² of retail floor space.

The project was a close collaboration between me and Joost Bouwman, the designer of Pot Interieur. Each studio is designed according to his expertise and knowledge. To give you a look behind the scenes, I have asked Joost some questions. Read the conversation about the development of the Kristalia studio below, the attached pictures give a view of the step-by-step progress. 

Enjoy reading!

Brenda Baart 



What is the thinking process behind this interior at Pot Interieur?

Joost: "The table is from Kristalia, the holo table. It has a natural wooden tabletop and a black metal base. It’s almost a sculpture. You also see the contrast with the back wall, because of the wood grain. In addition, there is a planter .. which adds to the contrast. The sleek black planter filled with natural elements. The lighting fixture hangs like a monumental arm above the table. That is actually a bit of the idea behind that setting."


How was the work process when choosing the paint technique?

Joost: "The idea was wood grain right away, because it connects to the wooden tabletop that naturally contains that grain. Also in terms of shade, the table has quite a sober, monumental appearance. You can put a very fresh colour, but precisely by using that grey / green shade behind on the wall in combination with the dark tones of the plants you get a bit of an exciting and dark whole. That also looks very cool. In this way it merges together. Hence the choice of that specific green and the grain."


Do you see statement walls returning to people's homes?

Joost: "Yes. Often with wallpaper or with chalk paint. Then you have that matte with the different techniques with for example a block brush, to apply texture. But often that is indeed done on one wall in space because otherwise it is very busy. But you see that more and more. Especially those painting techniques."