Lovely Green

A few weeks ago I received a phone call that made me very happy. Ms. Jansens, one of our dear Decoration Members, asked me if I wanted to paint her furniture before the holidays. "Of course I want to do this!" I’ve completely changed her brown furniture, and finished her interior with some green winter pieces. Afterwards we were chatting with a glass of wine ...


J: *Raises glass of wine* 

J: On Our health

B: On your beautiful interior

J: Yes, On this beautiful interior

B: I really like this interior, it has a beautiful style: rural and natural. How did you actually create this interior? 

J: Well, Let’s start with my house. It is built in a flemish farm house style, it is not modern. In addition to that, the furniture that I have are all from when I got married. These are not new furniture, they were dark brown. My house is country style, so a country style interior with light furniture is something that appeals to me. Step by step, my furniture has been painted, by you! You’ve also adapted them to each other. Like the two chairs that you have adjusted to the other four chairs around the dining table. Now it all fits in this one picture.

B: I'm glad I could do this for you. What did you think when you first saw it? A difference with before ...

J: I went on a trip once, a long time ago. About 15 years ago. When I came back from Sicily and I came in here, everything seemed so dark. At that time I had dark oak beams, dark furniture, dark saloon, ... I just got something on my head of "bwaah .. this is not possible". Then I had my beams painted, with that man I also spoke about painting my furniture in a light colour. He then told me "Mrs. Jansens, then we have to sand all those cupboards down to bare wood”. My first thought: that costs way too much money, I can’t do that. 

B: I fully understand that, you are also working on it for a long time.

J: But then I met you!



B: Haha, indeed. You told me this story too.

J: I then heard from you that you do not necessarily have to sant with this paint from Decoration. That you can actually paint the furniture as it is, that's how it actually started. I asked you last year to paint the cabinets in my dining area, those are really amazing. This year you’ve painted almost all of the furniture in my living room. I regret one thing: that I didn’t do this sooner. 

 *both laugh

J: That's really true, you know: you don’t know these things if nobody tells you. It is mainly the costs, which I found important. If you are already a bit older than you won’t start with such a big cost. do you know what I personally think?

B: No, tell me.

J: I think it's just great, you can keep your own furniture. Such a beautiful furniture from my time, they only get better. I just think it's a must for anyone in my position: to renew an old interior in a way that can be paid.

B: I think everything looks very timeless now.


J: I have to say, I needed your help. I did not want to start myself. That's what I think, you have to be handy. You have to pay attention, just buying the paint and getting a brush. Thinking: “I’ll paint this very quickly”. I think that's risky.

B: Quick refurbishing does not work, I also worked on it for a week. But I give special workshops if you want to really master paint techniques. For some people that is of course very nice, if you are already a bit handy and you want to do it yourself, then such a workshop is ideal.

J: Yes, you have to do that first! I think it is necessary to first learn how to do something. 

B: It is a technique that you must learn. Then it’s really fun to do.

J: gosh, I'm just looking back at the furniture. It's beautiful, isn’t it? Looks just from a book. I am now also on Pinterest, because of you actually. Haha, My interior could be on Pinterest if I look at it now. 

B: Definitely.