Open a bottle of Rose (Gold)

After having spent the past few weeks in the atmosphere of the holidays by arranging the apartment of Mrs. De Cock and the living room of Mrs Jansens. I came back to my studio with a festive feeling. Christmas interiors can be found in many shapes and sizes in recent years. With trendy names like "Traditional American Christmas" and "natural Christmas!" I started to wonder which style appeals to me.

My eye fell back on a painting technique that I had been experimenting with just a few days earlier. During interior designing you sometimes leave from a mood board, or a drawn map. But who’ll face the challenge of starting from just a paint technique? Well, judge for yourself. What do you think of "Open a bottle of Rose (Gold)"?



The technique

Now your curiosity is sure to be awakened .. I can already see you thinking, if you let a whole interior depend on one technique, then it must be very good. One of the trends that has gained a lot of strength over the last few months is the pink gold. A colour mix that is soft but at the same time tough and powerful. As you know, I am crazy about experimenting with painting techniques: no brush that scares me! and no stockinette that can confuse me!

Let's face it, the first step was not difficult. Choosing a pink background is just logical, I had the choice between Shabby Pink and Terra Cotta Pink. I wanted to try both colours. After applying the mixture that I made especially for this technique. I had a bigger dilemma than before: I really liked both colours! I just could not choose ... so I used them both in the interior. We have added this technique for you to our collection.




"The recycling-bell rock"

While singing (with my paint brush in my hand) I bumped into several boxes. Funny how things sometimes work out, I searched through the boxes. They were sturdy, with a handy lid, the size was ideal, ... I immediately saw handy storage boxes. I started applying the paint with my paintbrush. When several hours later my daughter came in, she responded enthusiastically: "Oh, what a nice gift boxes!". Indeed, you can just use them for everything. And soI’ll use them in my Christmas interior.

But my "save the planet" feeling was not done yet. Naturally, a Christmas interior needs a Christmas tree. Instead of buying new Christmas balls, I found different colours of Christmas balls in the attic. I could just reuse them, with the painting technique under control I went to work one evening!



Open that bottle, please!

All objects are in place: the Christmas tree, the bench, the chair and the tables. Instead of one large coffee table, I chose one of the latest interior trends. Several small tables that form one whole, you can also see this at the cushions that are around the Christmas tree. The next step: the finishing styling. I started with candles, cushions, illuminated bouquet, ... And last but not least: two glasses and the bottle of Cava. I’ll say, "Cheers!".


Happy Holidays,
Brenda Baart