You have one or more seats that are still sturdy and undamaged but need a refurbishment or metamorphosis. Refurbishing your chairs seems like a huge job, but it’ll surprise you how easy it can be. I'll show you how to give your seat(s) a new life in a simple way, matching your interior.

Through exemplary photos from my workshop I’ll explain how you can refurbish your chairs. The chair on the pictures is a wonderful example, because it seems like a type of chair that’s hard to refurbish. The chair was still sturdy, but the upholstery had to be renewed and adapted to the interior. The colour of the wood was too somber for the interior.


          • Decoration paint / chalk paint Montmartre Grey

          • Decoration paint / chalk paint Snow White

          • Varnish

          • Lining fabric

          • Red fabric to cover the chair

          • Pattern paper

          • Pins, scissors, brushes

All the products are available at Decoration.


Step 1, The seat cushion. Remove the pillow, find out how the pillow is attached to the frame. With this chair it was screwed to the bottom on a shelf. This will be different in every situation. However, it is rare that it is not visible or practically impossible to get the pillow off the seat. So look carefully, search for small nails, screws and the like, especially at the bottom of the seat. Remove the pillow carefully and avoid excessive force to prevent damage to the woodwork and / or the pillow.

Step 2, the frame of the seat. Then degrease the seat with ammonia, diluted with water. Let it dry well before applying a first, thin coating of Decoration's decorative paint. In the example I used Montmartre Grey. After the layer is well dry, apply a second layer. A primer is not necessary. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 3, a new seat cushion. Remove the fabric from the pillow and lay it flat on a sheet of patterned paper. Draw the shape of the pillow on the paper. Cut the cartridge out of the paper and put it on a piece of fabric chosen for the lining. This can be a cheap piece of cloth. Pin the paper to the fabric and cut the fabric according to the pattern. Then put the paper on the red (or your chosen colour) fabric, pin it on if you are satisfied (note that any pattern in the chosen fabric is good) and cut out the shape.

Note when cutting: Cut the shape 1 cm larger than the paper pattern.

The cheap lining and the beautiful red fabric I used in the example are both available at Decoration.

schuimrubber bekleden met voering

If the pillow foam is still alright, you can reuse it. However, if you need a replacement, you can order new filling at Decoration. Put the foam rubber pad on the wooden shelf and place the cut-out lining fabric over it. Attach the lining on the bottom with staples to the wooden board. The red fabric is placed over it in the same manner.

Step 4, an extra layer of paint for a beautiful effect. Use a dry brush with a little paint, You can use a darker or lighter colour depending on the effect you want. I used Snow White for a light, fresh colour.

Step 5, the finishing touch. We are almost there, finish the chair with two thin layers of varnish, extra mat. After each layer, let the varnish dry. After drying, attach the pillow back to the seat.

Have fun with your new chair!


Lots of creative fun,

Brenda Baart