The summer comes around and we’re all eager to go outside.

The warm season can begin by giving a fresh look to your furniture. Give your wicker chairs (and table) a new look.


• A wicker chair set

• Decoration paint Cyprus White and Old White

• Varnish

• Spray and brush

• Fabric for pillows

• Cushion padding

• Pattern paper

The space


Your wicker chairs fit perfectly on a porch, on a covered terrace or in a nice corner in the living room. By giving it a lighter shade, the room becomes much more spacious. The colours Cyprus White and Old White fit together nicely. The fabric pads with Chinese characters give the set an oriental touch.


Spuiten van Decoratieverf/krijtverf

Spraying the furniture with a paint spray can be found in all corners of the reed, which makes covering the chairs with paint much easier. The chairs (and table) are sprayed twice with decoration paint Cyprus White for a good cover (dilute the paint slightly with water). Allow the paint to dry after each layer.


When it’s dry, use a dry brush and a bit of paint in the colour Old White. Allow the paint to dry before applying the varnish. This can be done with the paint spray or a brush.

The pillows


Use the pattern paper, to cut out the perimeter of your pillow. Cut out the pattern + 1 cm twice. Stitch the two sides together on the outside of the fabric, stitch together three sides, so you can still fill the cushion. Then cut two strips of fabric, about 6 x 30 to make ribbons. Fold the fabric in length and with the right side inward. Stitch a long and short side of fabric, and turn the fabric inside out.

Put the cushion filling in the pillow cover and attach the ribbons at the corners. You can attach the pillow to the chair with the ribbons, this way the pillow won’t slide.

Now sit back and enjoy the beautiful spring ...

Lots of creative fun,

Brenda Baart