the old brown pub but at home

We know or have a home cinema to watch movies from our own lazy chair, but there's a new trend going on: more and more people have a home cafe in their gazebo, garage or stall. A home cafe can be decorated in your favourite style. You can easily find second hand tables, chairs and even a bar.


  • Tables and chairs
  • Old White and Pompeii Volcano decorative paint
  • Varnish
  • Snake plants in metal buckets
  • Buckets for lampshades
  • Tea light
  • Placemats

All materials are available at Decoration.

Interior old café

Bring the atmosphere of an old cafe to your home. Here you can drink as much as you want because you do not have to drive anywhere. There is also no legal ban on smoking.

For the furniture you will find old chairs and tables. Paint it in Old White, a color that fits this atmosphere. Tea lights on the table give it a warm welcoming feeling and when you want to eat a bite you can use a placemat.



When making chairs like the ones in the picture make sure they’re dust and grease free, then painted them in the color Old White, two or three layers depending on how it looks. Then use patine with Pompeii Volcano. For protecting the chairs you can use the varnish.

Tables and accessories


The tables in the above pictures are painted with Old White, diluted with water, so the grain is visible (this technique is called white wash). We’ve given the accessories a beautiful Old White tint, you can use objects such as a suitcase, side table, the wooden wall behind the hood and more to create unity in the interior.



With a bucket you can do so much more than carry water. In your home cafe they give beautiful light as a lamp for example. You can hang them on the ceiling upside down. You only have to make a fitting for the lamp.

The idea and the pictures are from La Pataterie in France, you can find the buckets at Decoration.

In front of the window, place your snake plants in a bucket. It reminds me of the cozy atmosphere in the former Belgian cafes.

We want to thank our Belgian and French customers for the use of their photo material.

Lots of creative fun,

Brenda Baart