This year the trend is a white interior.

A white interior fits perfect with our yearly hope for a the white winter. With this interior you’ll have a white winter, even if it doesn’t snow. In the trend, the colour returns everywhere: flower pots, vases, branches and other accessories. Our decoration paint / chalk paint helps you with this transformation by using the colour Snow White.

But the trend goes even further: In addition to the colour Snow White, you can decorate your interior with the special pearl paint technique. You can customise your whole interior, with a lot of pearl-painted objects or just a few accents.


      • Box: Decoration paint in the colour Snow White

      • Brush

      • Tin with lid: Decoration paint in the colours Snow White, Casper Blue, Shabby Pink and Venetian Green.

      • Leprechaun

      • bottle: candle

      • Globe and figurine.

These materials are available from Decoration

Pearl effect made with decoration paint


Make the surface of the object/wall clean, make sure it’s grease free and doesn’t have any loose objects attached to it.

Paint the surface with Snow White and let it dry.

Then apply the wet-to-wet technique. Use the colours Casper Blue, Shabby Pink and Venetian Green. Use for each colour a different brush. Paint the different colours by pulling stripes crisscross through and over each other.


Do not allow the paint to dry completely, but make sure the paint is sticky for the correct finish. Mix varnish with silver in the ratio 50/50. Use a fine cotton cloth (T-shirt or sheet for example) to rub in this blend over the sticky paint. You’ll see that the colours will mix together and make one beautiful pearl like effect. Allow the paint to dry. And you’re ready!

All paint supplies, such as brushes, rollers, block brush, stockinette and of course the decorative paint or chalk paint are available from Decoration. The candles and the white plastic runner can be found here too.

Lots of creative fun,

Brenda Baart