Some painting techniques fascinate you from the first moment you encounter them. Because of the colors, the shimmering, the structure, ... the "Gold effect" fascinates on all of these points.

After the Beton Look this technique is one of the first techniques we tested in our workshop. After viewing many images on Pinterest, browsing through magazines and viewing interior programs, we started our first attempts to make this technique. Which colors match best? After several failed tests, we finally came up with our lucky winner. The ideal way to realize the Gold Effect. How? This is our technique done on a wall.

Use Old White as the base colour. When you apply this, everything must be covered, sometimes you need two layers for this. Then mix Varnish and Cinque Terre, apply this mixture to the wall with a large brush. Make your stockinette wet and rub over your painted surface. Be quick! Because your paint cannot be dry, sometimes it is better to work in parts than to paint a complete wall. Finally mix Gold and Varnish, go directly into the mix with the stockinette and apply on the wall. To finish, apply Silken Wax with a lint-free cotton cloth. Et Voila, your Gold wall. Of course this can also be done on furniture, doors and much more.