The work studio! 

Do you recognize it too? You have an image of how you want your interior to look. But small accessories, family heirlooms or memorabilia (which you don't want to throw away) don't fit this picture. What can you do with it? Usually they end up in the attic, in the garage or somewhere in a cupboard. What a pity, what so many things can look beautiful in your interior by giving them a layer of paint.

We will work with this problem during the “work” workshop!

During a cozy studio moment we look at colors, painting techniques and how you can apply this in your interior. But watch out! This is not just boring theory. No, one learns by doing. You immediately get to work with the object you brought with you. Our stylist is available throughout the studio to support, motivate and guide you.

What should you do?

Find a large box at home that fits all your belongings, can you still carry it? Perfect! Take it with you to the “work” workshop. In a fun group, filled with people who all share their creativity, you will get started right away!