Workshop Painting Techniques

Learn all about Decoration painting techniques during a personal workshop with Brenda Baart. Do you want to fully immerse yourself in the world of paint and painting techniques? Then this workshop is for you!

During this workshop you will learn everything about our Decoration painting techniques. What techniques there are, how you perform them, what influence the substrate has on the paint, and much more. During this workshop you can ask everything to Brenda. You will not only learn the techniques, but you will immediately start using them. After all, you have to master the technique. This workshop is interesting for anyone who wants to gain more paint experience, for example. when you are going to paint an entire house and want to use multiple techniques.

During the workshop you will receive a syllabus in which all techniques are collected. You first work on boards, then you choose a technique that you will perform on a tray. You will get this tray home with the syllabus after the workshop. You will gain more insight into paint, associated products (such as varnish and wax) and techniques.

This workshop is possible in group or in person.